COVID-19 Message From TechnoPro

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Dear Friends and Valued Clients,

The COVID-19 virus is dominating the news cycle, and it must also be dominating your personal and professional conversations. TechnoPro is no different; we are actively implementing our response to this situation. This message serves to provide assurance to our valued client base that TechnoPro Computer Solutions will remain open and are able to fully service your institution's ongoing needs while operating in this environment of considerable uncertainty.

We have deployed our Business Continuity Plan and are fully equipped to operate to continue to service your needs. Our phone, email and Helpdesk (Ticketing) systems are operating normally, and all TechnoPro employees in both U.S.A. and Canada are safe and working from home at full capacity.

Should your institution require any assistance with cancellations for exams or appointments inside of Clockwork, or notifications to students, we will provide assistance at no additional cost. Further if your department currently uses the on-premise version of ClockWork, and your IT has not provided a way for you to access ClockWork from home we can provide assistance to your IT to set this up. If you experience difficulty accessing ClockWork on-premise via your school's VPN we can perform an emergency switch-over to a Hosted system. This would not apply to Hosted Clients as you are able to access your ClockWork from home.

Thank you for your continued support of TechnoPro and we look forward to servicing you through this challenging time.

Safe and healthy


Mike Dinunzio
Tim Bartlett